Dear Z,

This one is for you.

Heal is what both of us strive to get right? Both of us were in that phase of broken hearted because the vibe around us had changed. It was hard for both us. Luckily, we both found each other and I get comfortable to be around you day by day. I like to talk to you and I am glad that I am the one you think of to spill out all of your problems. I hope I gave you the comfort you are asking for, Z.

But now, everything is different, Z. We rarely see each other. Every time you update your IG story, I am beyond excited to see what are you doing. I love your hair. Please don’t cut it okay? I miss to see you smile and laughing. You were genuinely happy that one time when we are together. Can we repeat all of the things we did together before..?

Honey, this long distance relationship is so hard. I always fall out of love towards you. I am so sorry for that. I need more time together. So that, I can get the chance to know you better. I realise that I always hurt you, make you cry and drag you to that dark place again. I am sorry, Z.

Z, I am still in that process of developing the love towards you. Take care okay? If you need me, I’m just one call away.


Saat kita di lembah hina itu
Tidak siapa menghirau kita selain kita

Bukanlah niatku
Untuk mencampakmu kembali
Ke lembah itu

Moga aku terus akan
Menggengam tanganmu
Kala kau sendiri dan sunyi
Supaya nanti
Bolehlah kau dan aku menguntum senyum kembali

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