Two days ago, I had tears rolling on my cheeks as I drove away from you. It might not be a long separation, but I was sad. I felt lost. I felt as if there is a tether on my back tying me to you, and the car pulling me away. It really felt heavy – so heavy that I could not do anything except cry and just drive away. It felt hollow.

And today, you got me flowers. Well you had them delivered. That is one of the nicest things people have ever done to me. Giving me flowers. I’ve never really gotten one, except during my graduation day from my family and friends. From a lover, none before. You’re the first. I have been enjoying your cheesy pick-up lines more now. They annoy me, in a good way. The feeling is akin to wanting to squish your nose hard and just kiss you there and then.

I’ve been pouring my heart out here, telling the world just how amazing you are, and how lucky I have been. People around me said the same thing too. Of how lucky I am to have you in my life.
I like knowing about your day, how has it been – good or bad, happy or sad. I want to know everything about you, and you know that you can rely on me to talk about anything – your darkest, deepest secrets.

We are villains in some eyes – but to me, you are angel. I have nothing to offer except what’s left of my heart, body, and soul. Take them all, they are yours.

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