You’re hidden in a place where i can’t see you

You see, the things hidden inside me.
They changed me greatly.
They put me to sleep, tied my hands and locked me in a dark room.
The pieces of my lost time, the memories of love, which i abandoned.
They were erased and i’m left as an abandoned shell.
Without knowing anything.
I just screamed and that’s all i remember.
My heart which is cold as ice. Will melt when i wake up.
I want to free myself.
From the torment of my sins. Someone take me out, from my scar-filled soul.
The deep night show you, who was not able to leave.
It wakes up from my sleep and kisses me again.
Your voice, which whispered i love you.
You’re hidden in a place where i can’t see you.
The pain that you received instead of me.
My angers become one it will chase my lost memories which fell in deep slumber.
Even if i want to find the real me, instead of you.
The bruise inside my chest is too big.
Even if i try to hide them, the rascals hiding inside me.
Appears and wakes me up. From the other side of my horrific memories, i came to face you.
You even embraced my lost emotions and helped me, who was down, up.
So that i don’t let my hand go. I’m trying my hardest to erase the hellish times.
In this place that i locked myself.
I walk through the darkness because i want to find you.

It's sad, but life is full of sudden goodbyes. Yiruma's songs my fav playlist all the time.
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