Your love, my hell

God I miss you terribly. What are you up to? I know it’s unhealthy when I keep telling myself that I actually miss you. I want to keep it this way always. It’s better to be away from you. I caught a glimpse of the sunrise this morning. The warmness of the shine felt like you embracing me. So full coverage and lifting. And again the sunset slowly fade away left me with the darkness of the eve of the night. Exactly how I felt when you’re gone. Dim and dark.
I listed out the things that I need to do after you. List goes on and on. For a second I forgot about how you look. How your chiseled nose scrunches due to tickle. But then again, I saw my phone on the table top. Again of course, I wish you would call. To say Hi and how am I doing and stuff but my bad. That was a joke on me. But it’s okay. I would be happy to laugh at my own joke. Because I will stand with my love for me from now on. Your love is a hell. You are a hellfire. Me, I’m going to love like a heaven. Like an angel though you slaughtered my love like a demon. ?❤?

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