Your Favourite Memory

“What’s your favourite memory of us?”

It wasn’t a question you expected while trying to finish your ice cream in the typical hot Malaysian weather, racing against time and science and hope to God it doesn’t leave your hand sticky just after two licks.

“I couldn’t pick one.” You answered truthfully, there were so many.

He disguised a pleased smile which slowly formed into his signature smirk as if he already knew the answer to his own question.

In the back of your mind memories were playing like flashbacks in a rom-com movie, and 5 seconds stretch into eternity.

As you remember the day he finally pronounces your name correctly even after meeting you a few times. He said it is so that he has a reason to speak to you again, and again, and again.

The day you reply his text with a typo and he teased you for days and when you sulk because it’s no longer funny he told you an embarrassing story about him in high school.

The day he called you beautiful, it wasn’t the first time, but this time you believed him.

The day when it was sunny outside and he forced you to go for a jog with him, and as you sit on the bench, your old friend from high school passed by and you reconnected with her.

The day he found out your favourite cake is cheesecake and you had to stomach cheesecake for a week straight because he kept ‘surprising’ you with it.

The day he waited for you to get off work because it was raining heavily and he didn’t want you to take the train that late waiting for the rain to stop.

The day that he knew he didn’t have to take care of you, call you, take you out to eat, wait for you (always), write about you, sing to you, but he did.

“Finish your ice cream before it melts!” He chuckled, which snapped you back into reality.

The day he asked you about your favourite memory of you two while having ice cream in front of the post office, and you wanted to give a cliche answer of ‘everything’ but instead you struggle to finish the melting ice cream in your hand.


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