You’ll see her

You’ll see her again, two, maybe three years from now. At the bridge on the way to your work place or maybe at the Starbucks from across the street. You could tell she’s drinking the same thing from when you guys were lovers, you still remember her order. She’s been reading that book she’s holding over and over again judging by the way the cover looks. She looks so different yet the same, you thought. No more high school stress dark circles. No more lighter shade of lipstick. She has the same hairstyle only with a more genuine smile. A part of you wishes she’d turn and smile at you, a part of you wishes you’d run and hug her but neither of it happened. Then you see that guy she waved at and suddenly all your past lovers who once made you happy, now made you empty, flashes before you and you feel sick to your stomach. You’ll see again, 10, maybe 20 years from now and you’ll miss her

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