You will be okay

There are times when the people you love, doesn’t love you back. And times when people loves you with all their heart but you just can’t accept. When both are madly in love but the universe have shown them reasons why they can’t, and that they have to part. There’s also those who are forced to be together by ‘traditions’ who lived an unhappy life. Those who got beaten everyday but choose to stay. They say its love, truly what they deserve. Love came early and taught you so much you had never known. Love can leave and still teaches you things you never knew you needed to know. When people say they love you and will always be there for you, just believe. There is no lying attended. And when they say they no longer do, don’t force them to. Don’t force people, don’t beg them, don’t expect them to be someone they used to be. Accept what has become. Do not treat love as something you fear. Do not be too cautious and careful. If you love someone now, love them now. Let the future be. What you are doing now is important. Maybe your future is only up to tomorrow. Advices from your people is needed, but you don’t have to analyse and follow all of them. They give you ‘probabilities’ because they care. But the ones who truly matters are the ones who support you in whatever crazy shit you opt to do. And be there at the end of the day to pick up the broken pieces.

In whatever situation you are now, just know that you will be okay. Either you have many loved ones or if you have none. You will be okay.

You didn't deserve to be torn apart and hurt but you sure as hell deserve to be heard. Now write.
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