You? Not once but twice.

Was it foolishly dumb, pure love or just lust? Was it the memories we hold? or you went bored alone? We sounded so real that’s why I believed in it. Was it all a lie from you? Seriously? Sometimes I don’t even know were you telling the truth or just saving yourself like you always do. What’s the problem putting your ego down for me? The one you said you wanna have a future with. Gosh if it’s not for me, for us sake.

It was so hard getting answers from you. I keep asking what’s the problem but you keep acting like there’s nothing wrong. You knew there was something wrong and I don’t get it why the hell you kept it quiet. It seems like I was the only one who’s trying to save whatever was breaking apart. It really shows that you don’t want it anymore. I’ve been telling you it’s okay to tell me something you gotta say that may break me cus feeling the pain of truth is better than being left with no answers. You really thought by being silence and disappearing would make things better(?). That’s pure bullshit man. You are hell scared to face truth. I’m sure glad that it’s over cus ain’t dealing with a guy with this attitude. 

I guess it was all memories you wanted it to be rewind. Its was a warmth love to you but a cold love to me.

You lied to yourself that you loved me, and still you won’t admit it.

Dear future guy, I know I’m stupid for not letting this go. I just regard with distaste living with no pure answer. 

september // terfaktab
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