You Led Me On, and You Break Me Down.

I come across an article which having read it
made me realised shit I have I never realised before.
About me and about us that you’ve abandoned.
About the misery you caused me to be in,
About the dream you caused me to forget,
About the dream you dared me to dream and crushed it.
You silenced me with nothingness, keeping me blind alone in suffering.
You kissed me, you hugged me yet it doesn’t mean anything?
You were there in my most vulnerable time, comforting, calming yet it doesn’t mean anything?
How was I supposed to know that you don’t want anything,
That this piece of trash doesn’t mean you something,
Or anything, anything at all.

When we cuddled at the beach,
It was a real cold night,
Top with my anxiety attacks I was a damned mess,
But you were there.
You kept me warm,
You hugged me closed,
You held my hands tightly saying I’ll be fine,
“Cause I’m never leaving you alone on your own”,
That’s what you said. But I bet you won’t remember anything now do you?

Yes we were friends.
Yes we were the bestest of friends.
Yes we were very closed in the name of friends.
But that doesn’t mean you could led me on.
That doesn’t give you right to break me down.
Saying you miss me when we were apart.
Hugging me tight like there’s no tomorrow.
Promises of future and beyond,
High and low,
You’ll be there.
But you didn’t.
I can’t see you anywhere close no more.
Only your silhouette from yesterday that keep on haunting,
Pulling me to the darkest pit.

You left me when I needed you the most.
You silenced me with nothing and left me with just..

I am so full with emotion while writing this one.
Thought I have forget.
Thought I won’t remember.
But I do.
I still do.


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