I have learnt to love you this way,

like gentle hands, a pair of travellers

on your body

I want to learn every crevices,

the soft, the hard,

the places in between that feels

like erruptions of joy


I have learnt to find comfort in you

this way; breathless after nights we spent

moaning each other’s name,

I will never not recognize

the sultry in your voice when you call me,

I want to sleep next to it,

wrap my legs and breasts around it-

I am an ocean with you,

a bed of wet and waves


I do not know how to look at you

and not want it,

that hip you promised me,

the lip bites,

all that flesh on a person I want most

to have me


and I do not know how to teach myself

to unpress my buttons,

for you I am all open legs and heart


so come here, travel that distance

and push my body onto the bed-

we can make love, and love

and love until our hearts explode;

you still inside me,

all hot fireworks party

here to serve some passive aggressive poems
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