Yikes, happiness who? I don’t know her

Why am I placed

In a house where I’m not suited to be?

I was chosen for my worth they said

But what value is my worth exactly?

My brain couldn’t figure a no brain equation

My lips couldn’t utter a single grammar perfection

My grades are lower than those of a chopped down tree

My looks are below the average of the hunchback from Disney

Tell me, what is it that makes my label a  real specialty?


I am no saint either

Despite the name of my respected religious belief

Has been a symbol for my blood to take its shape

No matter if the colour has been tainted by a thief

The number of my prayers are close to none

My practices either have never been done

Why can’t I force to shape my soul to his liking

Why is it my true colour is what has been grieving

To end the white and just let the darkness keep beating?


My family is a puzzle no?

People see it as a completed puzzle in a frame

It’s hung proudly for the audience to highly admire

Despite the secrets that comes with it that buries me with shame

Why doesn’t dad stop the lies and acts a bit tougher

Why does my mother has to be the one to suffer

My brother is always the proud trophy standing tall

Leaving me in his shadows, where my steps are about to fall

Further away, leaving my body to be under and crawl


I’m no doll from the magazine

I fail everyone’s expectations of me

I’m no perfect figurine that should be admired

I’m just second hand me downs given for free

The value of my own fabric was never fair

Placed under for people to sit on the high chair

I’m no beauty and my brains don’t even compare

To those being fought over to be owned proudly

My rags are just for me to despair.


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