Yes, we’re nonsense

Everything is make sense now. I understand now why all this things happen. Know I now why you never wanted to keep me in your life.

Do you still remember my question?
“Kenapa kita jadi macam ni?”

I asked myself why this happen why we never work out. Now i know. Bitter truth. Im so stupid thinking you were mine before where you never did. You was never mine, none of single days or hours or seconds you were mine back then.

Why is it so hard for a guy to be loyal to one girl? If you never cheated in the first place, i would never know you, we will not go this far and my heart would never be this broken. It’s kinda not fair for me. In this story, im the one who most unfortunate here.

Happy Birthday.


Yes, you were right.

We are nonsense and a mistake.

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