words mean nothing. words are nothing.

mother taught me how to love
i’m not sure what or how to feel about that one

do people actually mean the words they say?
or are those just some candies to soothe the sad children?
i’ve seen people fall head over heels for a particular person
they would do anything including
degrading their self-worth
i’ve seen myself fall head over heels for a particular person including
degrading my own self-worth

when I was younger
I was stupid enough to let people buy me
with their words
their words were like a spoonful of honey
and I was a glass of water
the honey dissolved in water
the words sink into me
now that i’m older
it’s hard to believe in words
it’s hard to believe in people
it’s hard to feel things
when every word feels nothing
when everything feels meaningless
when everything seems sugarcoated
and i’m fully aware that sometimes a listener deserves their own listener
and that sometimes it’s better to listen than speak

easily annoyed.
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