wishing well, wishing well

Oh wishing well

You keep treasures very well

You’re the place were everyone tells

the wish they’ve been keeping like hell


Oh wishing well

wide you are

treasures, you keep

people, you meet

you stayed there, being still



what’s it like to be you?

how does it feel to be you?


It hurts me

I can never trust me

…to grant wishes, you see.

Tough times, I’ve been a plenty

Really, I don’t deserve someone to wish things from me.


You’re a wishing well

But I’m just someone that wishes a well-being

of the people I love very well.


[Fictional work, of course]

19. Male. Malaysian. I made trash, and as the saying goes.. "One's man trash is another man's treasure." Also, I like vending machines. ?
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