I want to hear all about your day,

how you hated the classes you had today,

or even about the tiniest little stuff,

like what someone said today that made you laughed.


I wanna talk to you till midnight,

until dawn comes with the day’s first light,


about the moon and the stars,

about peace and wars,

even about our pasts that left us with scars.


But most of all,

I wanna walk at the park with you,

Have us go to the movie and watch something new,

I wanna have little tiny adventures with you,

And travel to places we’ve never been to.


I want to hear your voice when I wake up

even if its just to ask me “Hey, whats up?”

I want to get your impromptu text messages on midnight,

even if its just you asking me whether I’m alright.


It’s stupid for me to even think of these things,

To even think of you in all the songs I sing,

Cause I know all these things I want with you,

are the things we would never do..



I just need a platform to rant on.
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