Why write when you can speak?

Writing is powerful. It touches the forbiddens and the hiddens.

When we write, we become ourselves. Because our lips are not as articulate as our fingers. Our minds speak louder as our fingers move. Because when we speak, we tahan; we tapis; we lie; we fake; we pretend. But when we write, our emotions flow swiftly. Our feelings exposed with no barriers. Our thoughts roared as our voice is mute. Semua dengan sengaja.

To siapa we write? the readers? Strangers. Because strangers are the best audience. Strange to your personality, strange to your look. They don’t judge as they don’t know you. Even if they judge, we won’t witness their judgmental smirks. Every write-up is first impression. Because you’re exposing layers of yourself. Today layer one, tomorrow layer two. There’s no such thing as embarrassment. Embarrass because you are not proficient, embarrass because your thoughts are so silly, embarrass because your crush never knew about your feelings toward them or malu sebab tak pernah tunjuk jiwang-jiwang ni in reality. Layer by layer uncovered. A graceful uncovering. To be naked in writing, is not a sin.

Amazingly, without voice, we can still shout when we write, we can still sing the melodies of rhymed poems, we can hear sobbings of the heartbroken writers, we can smell the scent of coffee mentioned in that very piece. Write, as it is powerful. Baca, then you will faham. Because not every scenario, every memory, every story can be spoken of. Hence, minds get weary. Hearts get exhausted. Until when we have to conceal. That’s why we have diaries. Diaries are for the concealed thoughts. And they are not meant to be read unless you want to be exposed.

In writing, you don’t need to fool yourself saying you are fine while you are not. You can ditch all your machoness and be as weepy as you want. There are no thick walls between you and what you write. The strong exterior you’ve been putting all along, ditch that. You are human. It is not wrong to feel weak. It is not wrong to be imperfect. It is not wrong to be flawed. Even man of steel has its kryptonite.

We have our own grammar in our own world. This is not professional writing. So why should we be grammar-conscious when you’re here to spill? Spilling and conscious don’t go well together.

So, tulis je.

This is when you can be free. Write.


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13 thoughts on “Why write when you can speak?

  1. Love this beautiful writing, whoever you are . Tulis is the reason for me to elak manusia2 hipokrit who is very judgemntal like hell and keeps me down. Tulis bukan maksud kau pathetic sebab x berani. No. It’s how you express yrself in the middle of crowd. In the middle of hypocrisy. Thank you.

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