Why? (faith in You)

You know how

when in middle school,

you think your friend is lying

so you ask, “Sumpah, demi Allah?”

And they would say,

“Tak baik sumpah-sumpah ni lah”


I guess that’s the case with you and I.

I swore to God,

you were different.

I swore to Him,

you’d never do the same

as the previous guy did.


But I guess swearing to Him,

is like asking for a curse.

And losing you right now,

puts everything in reverse.

Every time that I pray,

“O Allah, keep him in my life”

I guess He has better plans,

in order for me to survive.


So then, is this goodbye?

Cause I still need to know why,

you came back to me…

after you left me hanging dry.


Dear God, tell me, why?

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