When You First Came Here

how long did it take to not feel out of place.
how many nights
until the heaviness subsides
how do I tell if it ever would subside.

did this much anger make home out of you too.
did you let it stay
did you hang on to it like I do.

because I’m aware
of the pumping of my heart.
this rage is the only thing that has not try to kill me.

I’m aware
of the thumping
and the heaving of the chest.
and I let the cracking that comes
after each taking of the breathe.

there is a hole in my chest
almost the size of myself
I’m almost
almost gone now.

this constant mourning
if I make it look like an option would it help.
would it be a little less lonesome.

Cant do debate cuz I often forget where my point is going. Also cuz I stutter. Mainly cuz I stutter.
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