when will it stop.

“Can you see me,
the way I hurt myself.
Can you hear me,
the way I cried in pain.”

And all of these things were done,
not only by a broken heart, but a broken soul,
quiet lips, quiet tears,
shouting minds, sprinting thoughts.

With no support because everyone made them believe that talking to someone makes them weak,
and they’re not weak.
They wanted to be strong, they wanted to be bold.
They knew they were broken,
but in the end there was still no shoulder to cry on.
When everything came back, they came back worst.

They went back to who they were before,
they didn’t like who they were before,
but to forget the pain they enjoyed who they were before.
It all came gushing back and they all continue their mission of who they were before.

Some bloods were spilled,
and knuckles got blue.
Some pills were taken,
that made them flew.

So streets got red,
Few heads got blown,
Like smoking on bed,
Few minds got stoned.

Liquids down their throat,
Dancing bottles after bottles,
And if poison follow through,
They don’t need a bottle, a spoon was enough.

Like ana, like mia.
Run to them at the lowest scream of help.
For every stomachs and weak system.
For every food declined.
For wanting to be beautiful from the world’s perspective.
For losing in the end, because giving up what they need from what they want.

Millions of aching soul,
With hundreds of scars covered each one.
7 Billion people in the world,
Some lost the fight, some won the war.

Listen for the cry of help,
For listening might save each one,
Because if we don’t do this now,
When will we come to our senses?
When we lose family? When we lose friends?

When will it stop?
Our mind will always be maze.
Sometimes every single one of us has difficulties to even get through them.
But when we help each other out,
That maze is just going to be another playground we used to play before youth.

A playground we can find joy with, even if it’s filled with bullies.

had a heart lined with cracks but i chose art to fill it.
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