Whatever Next.

I cant seems to put my words about you. should I start from how we first met, or when I first fall for you? or should I begin on how you manage to open my heart, or should I recall back our first actual date?

Is it the way you pat my head ( fav gesture, ftw! ) that kills me inside, or how you take note on everything I said? Is it the way we discuss about important things during late night, or how we companied each other to sleep? Or maybe the way you expose myself among your friends and family, or the way you put our picture as screensaver and wallpaper that flattered me the most?

I know I can relay on you. I know I can tell you about how sick Titam is, or how annoying Kak Lela is. I too can share how burdensome my period is, or how my shipment delayed for 100 times. You will always listen and always ready to exchange opinions. I see you as someone that can rock my life in the next 80 years. Someone that will join me dance in the kitchen while preparing our dinner, someone that will help me to hook that big heavy curtain, someone who will offer me tissue when Ju Pyo left Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers, and I see you as someone I want to spend my life with.

I don’t know what future hold for us, heck I don’t even know what tomorrows bring. I just want you to be in it, every each of it.

I thought I vocalize my trouble but nobody were listen.
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