Whatever happens, happens.

*Scrolls Facebook*

“Hmm, nothing interesting today too”, I said to myself, upon reading a few statuses that doesn’t intrigue me. Nothing really does, to be honest.

*Stops at a post – saw something in the comments*

That day however, something caught my attention. Not a post, but a profile picture. A picture of a random person who I’ve no idea about. A person who, at that time, I didn’t know would have this much influence over me.

*Clicks on the profile*

Time stopped. My heart stopped. I couldn’t even blink. There, I saw a beautiful being (an understatement) fitting perfectly in my exquisite and singular taste in women. Maybe its because I’m not anywhere close to normal either.

So I took some time to think whether I  should add my dream girl. What if she doesn’t approve me? What if she thinks I’m a weirdo? And the lists went on. “Ah screw it, whatever happens, happens.”

*Clicks on Add as Friend*


So after a few hours I saw that there’s a Facebook notification. I froze upon seeing the notification. Never have I imagined in a thousand years that she’d approve me. “I guess she just approved me because we go to the same uni”, I said, being the pessimist I am.

Not only pessimist, I am also very anti-social. There she was on the online list of my friends. I could feel my heart beating fast. Butterflies in my stomach. Never had I imagined that the small green dot beside someones name could have this effect on me. Should I make the next move? I kept questioning myself.

Then again, “Ah screw it, whatever happens, happens”.


I typed on my keyboard and stopped there. My heart was racing faster than an F1 car. Should I press enter? I just did. I went haywire waiting for a reply.


My racing heart went to a halt in less than a milisecond. She’s the only girl that has the power to do that.

Whatever happens, happens.

And I guess love happened.

To be continued.


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