What is wrong

I’m stupid. I make a big mistake in the beginning of 2018. Idk what should i do. I’m just stupid , stubborn, ego.

Do u know what ive done?
I argue with my mom. I’m so tired with my mom. But she’s a mom. Idk how to explain how we argue. But my mom is kind of yg asik nak menang.

Idk idk what to do after this. I love her but the way she treats me… Sometimes i feel like i want to get married earlier bc i want to avoid myself from my mom. I’m depressed. Please help me how to be a good daughter. I really feel guilty. It’s also my fault bc i always talk back after my mom nags. I just want make she realizes that she doesn’t always right. Idk im tired im depressed im guilty. Haih

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2 thoughts on “What is wrong

  1. Hello 👋🏼 i used to be like you. But there’s one thing happen that change everything. Try to tahan yourself from menjawab whatever she said. Let her win. Sometimes, we just have to lower our ego.

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