What is Jodoh?

I don’t know where to start.

I have never been in love, well not really but more to one-sided love.

Some says “It will come one day, you’re special. The last one are always for the best.”

Some says “Put some effort in it, you cant just wait around for it to pop-up”

Some says “You’re too picky that is why.”


Well honestly, I am picky. Only I know that I can hurt someone badly once I don’t have anymore feelings. In other words, I’m scared. I’m scared to share apart of myself to a stranger and I might hurt them or they might hurt me.


Don’t come to me and tell me relationships have ups and downs, I know that relationships need the fights and arguments and crying because it’s one of the ways to strengthen it. And I want that. I want to come home tired and suddenly got into an un-rational fights. I want that.


Maybe because all my friends have that and maybe I want that too. I just really want to at least try one and get hurt by it. That’s weird, I know.


If anybody have any wisdom to share to a 22-year old who never felt “love” or whatsoever. Please be my guest.

I'm writing down my own emotions hope for people out there feels the same way & does not feel lonely.
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