What If You Fly?

Once a while, even myself would be anxious.
Sometimes it’s so horrible until my body would shook violently.
That is how scared I am.
And there would be a LOT of ‘what ifs’ in my head. A negative ‘what ifs’ ladies and gentlemen.
That is bad.
People always thought that I have a very strong sense of confidence. I do.
But. Not everytime.
Sometimes I would worry and eventually those worrying will tire me.
Sometimes I feel lonely and so weak.
God, I hate that feeling of unable to do anything.
That is when you learn, when nobody is around to help.
You only have yourself, and you should be stronger for yourself.
Some would say, by doing this, by taking this massive risk, what if you fall?
But, I would whisper to myself, my dear, What If You Fly?

EXTROVERT I have the sweetest smile LOL (the confidence is murderous!)
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One thought on “What If You Fly?

  1. I searched for self confidence and I found this. But to solve it isn’t as easy as it may sounds. It’s been years I’m trying to cope with my self confidence issues. Everytime I’ve got so much to say but end up what came out from my mouth is far more disappointing

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