What I truly feel

I am thinking hard. I still love you when I start to think of you. You are like a cancer virus.
You stick on my heart way better than a glue.

You know, just like cancer, it takes a lot for me to cure from you. The price for the remedy is like a lifetime worth of regrets.

It is painful, time consuming, staying up late, lonely, your voice in my head and the waves of flashbacks.

It’s like hiding a cancer from your family members. Undergoing the treatment, the ‘chemo’ alone and cold.

The pain interval becomes even faster at night and it will be like that for a long long time you feel like you want to fly away from where you are.

It’s not something I can sleep on. And these pillows are slowly becoming salty from my tears.

the only forte of mine is having such a sensitive heart.
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