What 2017 Taught Me

1. Forgiveness is possible, and it needs to be mutual or else one party will end up finding faults in each insignificant moments of weakness.

2. You need to let go, sometimes it’s not you who breaks the promise, the promise breaks itself.

3. Your life is meant to be lived in the way that shall bring you maximum happiness, others are important too, but you are more important.

4. Count your blessings each time, never forget who helped you along the way. Despite them staying or not at the end of the road, they were there even when they weren’t obligated to be.

5. Nothing in the world can make people stay when the time comes. Not memories, not love, not fame, not money. Let go, gracefully.

6. Prioritize your mental health as much as your physical health. Not everyone gets to walk this world with both health granted.

7. Do not judge, you are in no position to dictate whether someone else is living their best life or not. Everyone is trying their best.

8. Never be afraid to give even though you get nothing in return. Do it out of love, gratitude, and kindness.

9. Let them talk. Let them make you their topic of discussion. You do you, always.

10. Be open to adventure and spontaneous outings, it will make the best stories, even the bad parts.

– c.n.

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