Welcome Back, Baby!

“You know, I’ve been thinking about you from 3 years ago until now”, said Maria to him. She gave him a beautiful smile.

The guy smiled awkwardly, because it had been 3 years they had been in long distance relationship. Eventhough he felt that way, but his butterfly always flying around in his stomach whenever he’d been thinking about her.

He sniffed his coffee deeply and drank it after. This coffee is the most favourite drink ever in his entire life. A memory when the first time they met, suddenly popped out into his mind.

“Baby…” and his mind started to bounce back to reality.

And he saw a girl kissing Maria’s cheek.  Maria started to kiss her girlfriend’s lips wildly and steamy.

He shouted where every people started to look at them.

“Welcome back, baby!” said Maria.

Hi! My name is Farrah Cullen. I'm newbie here. I've been looking some place to share my ideas and talent and now I found it! Hope I'll be a writer in a few years.
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