We Stand With You

Is it because they aren’t damsels in distress?
Is it because they don’t wear dresses?
That their voices went unheard
When they tried to get these tragedies reported?

They were too young
To know what he did was wrong
His condescending touch on forbidden parts
He lifted them up, opened up their minds & hearts
Took that as a golden ticket
To carry out deeds so wretched & wicked.

Unaware he was using them as toys
But they are still bright, intelligent boys
All they wanted was to be on stage
To grow up, speak out & up
But they had to bottle up this rage.

Two years ago was when all this started
Two years ago was when we first met them
Never would we have imagined the ordeal
That these boys had been through.

We may not be friends
But we are deeply pained
Though we couldn’t do much to help
We want you to know that we stand with you
And that all of you are strong survivors
Bear in mind always
That the strongest steel went through the hottest fire.

Just because one doesn’t wear dresses
Just because one is not a damsel in distress
It doesn’t mean you can walk on the streets, unharmed
This is no false alarm
Assault can happen to anyone
Regardless of what lies underneath their pants or skirts
And that is the truth that hurts.

Astra castra, numen lumen.
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