We met people for a reason

They say we meet people for two reason .
Either they’re blessing or lesson.
Well, being hopeless, i always expect the worst.
But then i met him 😊

He literally came into my life as a blessing . The best one, for now at least . Its the little momment in life that matters the most. The lame joke, the late night conversation, the sleepless night,the endless phone conversation, all these become something extra ordinary when i meet him, the one who happens to be my ray of light in a room of full of darknest. You have felt it too right? Those feelings that seems to get so big in your chest like so beautiful it aches? Like you hears his laugh, you can literally feels thousand of butterflies in your stomach? You feel your heart beating so fast than usual? When he smiles, you cant help but smile back? These are the things that makes it so special. Its crazy how their mood affect yours. But why does it happens? What is so special about him? Ok i will tell you why . It’s because of his beautiful soul. Soul recognise each other by the way they feel not by the way they “look”. Once you start falling for someone, you start to see things differently, you see thing others dont and the most imperfect person suddenly become perfect in ur eyes . Because ever since we started talking ,our souls touched and couldn’t help it but feel it. I believe people search their whole live to find what they already found. Honestly, our bounding is something i like to hold onto forever. I dont know if five years from now, him still here or not but i really hope we make it. Maybe as friend or maybe as a lover. Cause i really want u there.
Dear my special one, thankyou for coming into my life and make me out of nowhere with the weirdest yet cutest joke ever. Thankyou for tolerating my randomness and going along with everything i say. Thankyou for making me happy again and mostly thankyou for giving me hope again. I vould go on forever like this but too many words become meaningless so i just ended here with saying you’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met and i cant imagine not having u in my life . I love you 💚

Courtesy: The girl with white heart

There's always have someone worse off than you, keep holding on ?
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