We fight for what we love.

“you didnt fight for me. You keep asking me to go. You and your mind. That i am happy on my own. Did you ask me am im okay or not? Did you ask me am im good or not? No you didnt”.

“So do you. You didnt defend me. You didnt ask me to stay. I fight for you. In a way you can see. It’s my fault. I never say i love you. Never ask you to stay. But if only you know, i really wanted you to stay. Stay…. No matter what. Be with me. No matter how hard it is… Cause i love you..”

“If i fight for you, are you gonna do the same for me?”.

“Yes i will”.

“Then stay. Cause i need you”.

No one listen to me, so i started to write.
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2 thoughts on “We fight for what we love.

  1. But for me, it sucks that we have to even say out loud that we care or we want someone to stay.
    Things would be so much easier sometimes if they just have faith. Aite?

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