wasn’t ready to love. wasn’t ready to not to love

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i never planned to catch feelings for you. not this fast. not this hard. but hey, i’m a dumbass and a mess so i did it anyway. look what it brings to me? pain.


i thought i was prepared with the idea of you leaving me.

i thought i was prepared with the idea of me letting you go.

but i was wrong. i wasn’t prepared at all, baby.

you left saying goodbye.


i never meant to fall for you. i just wanted a friend. someone to play with. i never thought we would play like this and that it would be so exciting and fun. i had never experienced this in my life and i love it. but i can’t have it. please tell me you understand. you did nothing wrong. you are amazing. you are too perfect actually. so perfect that i could not stop thinking about you. i would wake up at 4am just to talk to you. i went to bed at 1am even when i had to drive for 5 hours the next day. all this just to talk to you. you began to take over my heart and my mind. i had to stop. i was falling more and more for you.

why are you so afraid baby? why are we so afraid?

i never want to let go.

please come back.

i miss you.

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