Was it a norm?

Was it a norm to almost felt like everyone dislike/hate you?
I felt that most of the time.
The thoughts kicks in whenever I was on my own, alone.
Wasn’t so sure what the heck is wrong with me?
Perhaps they all ignore me whenever
Was it a norm to feel that people are being fake to you?
I felt that most of the time.
Especially I am out with people.
“They don’t like you at all. They are with you because of what you have at the moment.”
“Then, they will leave you when you have nothing.” Said my inner voice.
No , I ain’t crazy nor was I on crack. That is just my inner voice speaking inside my head.
Was it a norm to be a hateful person for no solid reasons?
I hate people, I hate being alone and I hate myself.
I hate myself deep to the core.
That, I, often slaps my own face whenever I did something stupid.
Was it a norm?

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One thought on “Was it a norm?

  1. It’s not a norm to harm yourself. Please reach out to people you trust or seek professional help nearby. Like Befrienders. They’re on twitter. So do I. If you need someone to talk to, just to confess or express things to someone, I’m on twitter most of the time. My username is syawalynnzain. Feel free to DM me 😄

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