I am waiting for a train,
That will take me away from all of this,
I’ve waited years,
I’ve waited for it with those who seek the same,
We became acquaintances, partners, friends,
But on this perilous journey that seemingly have no end,
I wonder, who will stay,
And who will back away,
We might be waiting for the same train, just different stations,
Different times, and with varying reasons,
And in the end, I’m back alone, waiting,

I am waiting for a train,
That will take me away,
And every night to the universe I pray,
For this journey to bring me closure,
To heal me from the depression-like fever,
That chills my bone, strangles my heart, and stops my breath,
I tiptoed on the edge, searching if it had come nearer,
Waiting for the flashing lights fluttering through the tunnel,
But it never did,
As I slowly suffer, the wonder made me keep on hoping,
And in the end, I’m back alone, waiting.

I am waiting for a train,
That will take me somewhere,
Somewhere not here,
A place of dreams and imaginations,
But they said such places doesn’t exist,
Then I don’t mind riding it endlessly,
Even if reality persist,
If this train could really take me away,
Then there’s no more use if I stay,
I’m not too certain of what the destination holds,
But I know soon, the journey will itself unfolds,
And yet here I am,
Back alone, waiting,

Someone who writes a lot of poetry. Shit or not, they're mine. I'm also a lazy ass traveler. Stick and stone may break my bones, but staircases, they get me.
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