Wahai Melayu

Dear Muhd, Mohd, Ahmad, Nur, Nurul, and Siti,

what have you become,

what do you care about,

what do you think of,

when you destroyed the good name

that was given to you,

the culture that was bestowed upon you?

What will you do when they shed

a light upon your sins?

Where will you hide when

they strip your clothes off

and expose your flaws?

What will you say when

they force you to confess?

What will happen when your trembling voice

speak up and tell them that

you are neither Muhd, Mohd, Ahmad, Nur, Nurul nor Siti?

You are not your name.

You are not the religion you were born in.

You are not the culture that was forced upon you.

You are allowed to appreciate but

they have to realize that you’re also allowed to hate.



Self-proclaimed writer but barely knows how to hold a pen.
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