Here’s to everyone who makes me feel vulnerable and worthless.

I never like how my heart feels whenever it catches the deafening symphony of my self-esteem shattered to the ground. It tries to hold me back, with every muscle it fosters to keep beating and holding me back from falling. But it falls together with it; helplessly. With that one sudden pang, my heart breaks, silently but with a whole damn damaged. 

Adrenaline rushes to the scene in hoping it can at least mend some of the damage but it brings nothing but more troubles. The heart beats super fast to keep up with the rush of adrenaline making the side of my head to go all bullet-train; setting up on autopilot with the rush of thoughts keep swirling inside of head. 

The thoughts are nothing good at all. They play trick inside of my head; like a freaking magician. Fooling me around with all the worst possibilities and outcomes that arent even there in the first place. An invasion to my sanity and everything is gone. 

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