Do you ever try to view things differently? especially how you view life ? i am a person who is always keep my head straight i have never feel the need to see life differently as long as it is fine for me.

Somehow it gets threatening the view i used to enjoy to flourish is not as comfort as it used to be the view i had give me the feeling of overwhelmed or the feeling as if my two feet grasped tightly. The view making my self doubting grow stronger and crawling inside my veins when i am in the middle of something virtue.

I cant keep myself seeing the same view anymore i need to run but this time i will climb up to my highest self  my view has to be the bigger image of how small my self doubt is. I need to take a loose my feet need to be free. They all are nothing once i am at my highest

Sometimes life works on how i view them. Maybe you should try to. Everything is so small when you are on the top. Everything is nothing when you are over them.

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