Us Vs The World (2013)

Thinking what might you do to get money or what might you do to change your world. Honestly I can’t think of anything for both questions. I’m 21 & still haven’t accomplished anything.Everyday i think what do i wanna do in my life, what should i do for my life? But in the end, my thoughts just lost, the question just slipped away by other things like eating, watching movie, doodling, texting or hanging out. I’m a little bit afraid or should i say concern about where my life is going, what do I become? I really want to start something, but i never really do anything about it.I don’t know what am i waiting for or if there’s something that’s pushing me away or holding me back from doing it. Day by day passed and I’m still the same, a guy with no dreams, except when i am sleeping.

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