How i wish everything changes like the time we had.

I’m sorry i had to say things that needed to be said because i wanted to know the real reasons.

Yes,it was harsh. Harsh enough for me to lose you forever.

Alas,the saddest thing about it when you said you no longer love me.That’s so abrupt.I feel like thousands of bullets hit me.

If you feel like you never had me,you were wrong. If you feel i have changed not because of you,you were wrong.Nobody can change me into a somebody new except you.No one. I’m sorry i’m broken enough that you were hurt.

Now,i made peace with my past.I blocked him everywhere. I have done with him. I hope he does the same.

You said i treated my friends better than you.You were wrong. They never made me cry. I only cry for you,dear. You are the only reason i’m alive again.

I wish you can rethink of what we had. I think we were fine. You had doubts of something i didn’t do. It’s unfair. Please accept me back again

I wanna be with you forever. Like you said,i wish to have you again

Me too

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