It was a day to forget but also a day to learn from.My phone ringed all of a sudden turns out my crush messaged me.We were friends not the best but friends none the less (yes im in the friendzone).Turns out she was having trouble with her boyfriend and needed someone to talk to.So we exchanged messages for hours without end.”I dont know what to do with this guy” and i wanted to say with all my heart “leave him and give me a chance” but i just asked her why.When she explained he broke her heart I wanted to say so much “I would never break your heart.I just want you to be happy so please just notice me” but again I defended him by saying “maybe he didn’t mean it”.There she was the girl of my dreams complaining about this douche that keeps hurting her but i stood silent and defended the douche.She said “I don’t think he loves me” ,I wanted to say “I love you” but again i defended him.It was getting late and we were both tired so she said “goodbye,thank you for listening to me i wish he was more like you” I thought to myself “I am more like me,I will never stop listening to you cause you’re my favorite sound,I will never hurt you because whatever hurts you hurts me too.I would never be dishonest or cheat on you because you will be my last one,you will be THE one.I love it how we have alot of things in common and how we can talk about something important but also laugh together at the same time.I love it that we our favorite actress and im still trying to get you to see love rosie.I love everything about you so please give me a chance I beg of you” but in the end the only thing i said was goodnight

To a better world we shall go,to a golden land we shall not
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