[ unsent letter #2 ]

for you,
the one that i loved a lot.
the one that made me feel all sort of things.
to be in love and to be loved by you were the happiest moment of my life. i was so happy that i met you.
you came into my life unexpectedly.

the fact that i didn’t search for love but like a movie, we met.
and sure, life is really unpredictable.
we clicked instantly like i had known you for a long time.
we literally talked about anything, your past and your experiences. my past and my experiences. it was crazy that we had a lot in common but we were also had a lot of things that opposite.

it was stupid of me to fall for you so easily,
it was stupid of me to trust all of your words just like that.
things happened very fast that i couldn’t grab what just happened between us.
you said that you loved me and i said that i loved you too.
you said that you wanted me and i said that i wanted you too.
but sadly, you didn’t love me like you promised my boy.


look at us.
you gave up on me when i was trying to hold on and made things right.
you left me when i was trying to stay with you.

just like that our love story ended.
deep down in my heart,
you were like my favourite hello and my hardest goodbye.
you were like my favourite sunset and sunrise.
you were like my favourite book, sweater and a coffee.
you were like my favourite melody and my rainbow.

but i guess i was just a storm for you. but i guess i was nothing in your life.

hey, not all things that we wanted we could have.
so maybe we were not meant to be,
maybe forevers never be our thing.
but i still mention your name in my prayers and i hope you will be happy
maybe with someone new.

i loved you. you loved me.
that was enough already to me.

too many thoughts in this small head of mine.
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