[ unsent letter #2 ]

this is for you, a guy that i only known for quite some time but i already called you my friend.

there’s not much i could say, but you were someone that came into my life and you were always there for me
when i was ‘sick’. you were there to make me laugh. you were there to make me feel better. you asked how am i doing. you cared for me.

what did i do to even deserve a friend like you? i appreciated every little things you ever done to me.
sure, i didn’t know how to repay you back but thank you.
i am sorry if i suddenly cut you off, i am sorry because we didn’t talk much anymore.
i am sorry if i am not a good friend. i am sorry if i was being a pain in the ass.
all i wanted was to be there for you too.

hey, i like you.
i could felt that you were being sincere when you were with me.
i like everything about you. i like how you always gave me strength and supported me.
i like to talk to you. i like to be around you.
but then again, i was afraid that you might not feel the same way.
maybe, i might just be bothering you. and that sucks.
maybe i was nothing in your life.

no matter what, i still think you were one of the best people that i had ever known.
perhaps we might talk again someday? i wish.

don’t work too hard my boy.
take care and all the best for you.


too many thoughts in this small head of mine.

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