[ unsent letter #1]

this is for you, someone that i called
my best friend, my soulmate, my one and only listener.

i know, you might be confused what happened between us as we both stopped talking but
just know that it was not your fault. never.
it was me and my bullshits. lol.
you were a great friend of mine, a friend that i couldn’t asked for more,
the only friend that listened to me, the only friend that understands me. just know that you were (still are) one of a kind and we got that crazy chemistry between us like we could read each other’s mind.
no one was there for me but you.
we shared a lot of good moments and also bad moments. we cried, we laughed, we ranted, we talked, we hang out and many more.
and i missed all of it.

but like i said what happened between us was never your fault. it was me.
i haven’t been myself lately and i just had to push you away because i thought i only would be such a bad influence to you.

i am sorry, maybe what i did may sounds like a selfish bastard but i didn’t want you to be sad or in pain anymore because of the people that you love(d). again, i am sorry that i couldn’t be a much help when you were sad or in pain.
but hey, i hope you are happy with your circle of friends. keep on laughing and be happy, my dear.

i want you to be happy. i wish nothing but the best for you.
i love you, always.


too many thoughts in this small head of mine.

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