I love you unconditionally.You see the one thing about me is that when I fall in love,I fall for everything.I love the way you walk,the way you talk,when you breathe,how you smile and evert small detail that no one notices except for me.I will not only love you when you’re at your best but also when the opposite happens.I will love you when you’re sad and just need to cry.I will love you when you’re sick and when you vomit all the time.I will love you whenever you need me to and even when you don’t I will still love you.Love is not the in the heat of the moment feeling but it’s a feeling that will last a long time.If you need a shoulder to cry on i’ll be the shoulder,if you need a diary then i’ll be the diary and if you need a friend,I will be the best one you will ever know.What do I ask for return?nothing really other than to see you happy and for you to not feel alone.The fact is you’ll never be alone because i’ll be like a rock by your side,can’t be moved and always there.I love you and that love evolves to something more each day.

To a better world we shall go,to a golden land we shall not
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