so we bowed to our own dominion,

only a part left of uncertainty,

a panoply that devours something in our chest,

a pandemic to a sultry macabre,

only that we’re not that kind,

to shredded out the abolishing genus,

perhaps, why we show it?

why on earth did we show it?


so long that what we called it mesmerizing,

of the natural selection that rather be unscathed,

by the laws of realization,

nor the law of materialization,

the once demure and untouched,

so such beauty,

just why do we touch it?

just why?


the lassitude are a fine thing for us,

rather to cause more fraud to the pureness,

but then a later more genes to cross,

a later more life to loss,

we did not change ourselves did we,

we do are a guilt-free kind of species,

that’s what we speculate,

before we fathom,

what such revolution meant the earth for us.


we don’t consume,

we civilize,

such slogan wouldn’t scratch anything,

but then it bereft of,

that we called it consideration,

betwixt and berserkly,

thinking that we could rather be narcissic,

then accepting the scarcity of being concern.


we are one weird thing to care about,

we didn’t consume did we?

we civilize.

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