Umi part 2

You’re everywhere. I miss your face. I miss fighting with you about nothing. I miss how when I really needed you, you were always there. It’s my fault that I can’t do the same and I know that hurts you.

I’ll never know the exact moment I started loving you. It was just one of those things. It just felt like you were always right where I needed you to be. Your voice always made me feel safe. I had no idea that those little things so long ago meant something to you. Even if this will never work I know you know that I won’t forget.

It really wouldn’t be fair to be mad at you. I’ve had a lot of time to get over the initial anger, and I can only hope that you’ll try and see my side of things. People make mistakes. Horrible stupid mistakes. I miss you.

Towards the end you cared more than I deserved, you really did. You’re one of the beautiful people. I know you don’t think so, but that just makes you even more worth admiring.

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