He never asked to meet me half way.

Even rarely asked me to go to where he is.

Always the one who travels.

Always the one who sacrificing.

Always the one who did most of the things.


That wishful glance,

That hopeful stares,

Im weak,

Whenever I needed to open up the pandora box

Im afraid,

So so afraid of breaking your heart,



I wish, and I always wish that I’d never have to tell you the truth.

Cause truth hurts.

Lies is worst, I know,

But things that you didn’t know wont kill you,


Things that you didn’t know wont hurt you either.

So I guess,

That’s where im going.

That’s the direction im taking.

I promised to take care of you.

I promised to love you.

I promised to stay with you.

I promised to never leave you.

Even if the world opening its arm for me,

I would want to end my day in yours.

Cause I love you.

More than I could ever show.



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