Truth about rejection

I am sorry to hear about your sadness, I’m sorry to hear about the crash of your hope. But to be very genuine, you are a good heart people. Wanting to care and always work hard on getting to know people. That is so sweet. Not everyone able to do that. But here’s a strong statement, “A heart want what it wants” it’s a strong blow for your mind. It will blast your veins by the time you know the feedback. If it’s mutual then you’re blood will rush and you’ll be blush. When it’s bad and it becomes the worst hour of the day, don’t let it breaks you. Don’t be paralyzed!
That person missed out and he/she most probably won’t fit into that big heart of yours. They think they need this and that to match their ideal. Well let the ideal do the talk then. If they really want that ideal one. You. Don’t need that. Your big heart is more than enough to give out love. Really. Your heart is the essential of a good life. So take a good care of that gift. Be nice to people and try to love others too. You might find a treasure one day❤

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