I have learnt to speak less about you
I can’t even remember the last time I said your name out loud
Or telling of how sad I am now that you’re not around

It is the mind that is harder to trick

I can’t help thinking of you everyday when I’m having a cup of coffee
Or the time someone mentioned of the cold weather that I’m reminded of how much you like it
Everytime I look at my cat and of it purring as I rubbed under it’s neck
These trivial things are there to reminisce
How is it that I still hope for you?

Just like that a part of the wall I built crumbled
Instantly I become miserable
What did I do wrong?
Should I call you and ask?
Were the questions left unattended as I try to trick my heart into forgetting you once more

Slowly I started to mend the fallen bricks one by one
Level by level
Hoping that the next time I think of you it’ll hold still
Slowly and surely

I will forget

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