3.05 am 

Have always been the kindest to you. 
Fell head over heels for you. 
Have my softest spot in my heart for you.

Always have a thing for you.
Changed my plans just to hear you out. 
To be there for you 
Because I know how it feels
To have nobody 

You came to me, when you’re feeling down 
Then you left, when you finally feel whole again 
When all of my positive energy is now yours 
My energy---
Wasted on someone like you. 
Exhausted, I really am. 

This toxic cycle has been on repeat for years, 
But it was never your fault.  
Never anyone's fault except mine. 
My fault, 
For sparing that soft spot for you  
Just whenever you need it 

I hope you are well now. 
I hope you are satisfied. 
Truly, you are lucky. 

Best regards, 

someone you always took for granted.

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