too much

every new person that we met shows us different types of love.
some might be unforgettable,
some might be full of sorrows.

when we meet someone new,
the feelings will come all over again.
just when you thought you couldn’t love someone better than you did from the last one,
your heart shows that it’s not possible to get attached again.

and worst, it gets harder this time.
it’s harder to forget,
harder to let go.
because you loved him, too much
too much that it hurts just to not see him.
it hurts just to not talk to him.

you will have to go through this phase all over again,
just how it took you 4 years to move on from your last one,
this particular person – it might takes longer than that for you to finally get off the feelings.

sad truth,
but i still love him.
and i’m still hoping that he would eventually texts me.
even if he took weeks to do so, even if he needs months to do so,
i would still wait.

because i love him, too much.



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